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Android apps, widget, classes, tools, mobile phone programming - orders wanted

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Android apps, widget, classes, tools, mobile phone programming - orders wanted

Hi ;) skilled freelancer here

Experienced Android(TM) developer is looking for fresh orders worldwide. I'm interested in programming widgets, classes, small projects and similar stuff. I can't accept big projects, because as a one-man-band I don't have the capacity to complete big(ger) apps within a short period.

You define the interface or functionality of whatever code you want and I'll do the rest. My focus is on producing light weight, high performant, easy maintainable and well documented code that runs on as many SDKs resp. Android versions you want.

I'm using the latest Android Studio for development, which is IntelliJ IDEA based. Before I was using the Eclipse IDE which I liked too. But as you know, Google pushed developers away from Eclipse to Android Studio.

I'm quite good in server sided programming stuff like PHP, Zend Framework, MariaDB data base, Linux OS and the usual common stuff. That means if your Android app is accessing a web server, which is quite likely, I know how do do the related programming, that app and web will work together smoothly.

I'd love to find people and companies of any size who can provide repeated orders from time to time. Small orders are preferred because I don't wanna put all my eggs into one basket. I intent to relocate for 2 years from Europe to South East Asia (come on guys, we only live once ;) ) and when there, I need some sort of income. My savings won't last 2 years so I'll have to work part time. I'll pay you back with affordable rates, quality programming, a reliable personality and an availability of almost 24/7. For instance you need your server fixed at any time? I'll do it and won't bitch. I'm now in the process of building a small customer base.

You already found some super cheap coder on the web, but they are not so reliable as you wish? You don't have the programming skills to judge the quality of their work? You don't know if their programming design resp. software architecture is good or not so good? You need someone who glues all the parts together? I can supervise, review or manage your project and work in your favor in order to get you the best achievable results.

You don't have to worry about your money when dealing with me. We can use an escrow service of your choice, share the expenses 50:50 and define milestones.

To make a long story short, if you have any demand, please send me a message with a brief description of your potential work and maybe we can arrange something.

If any other freelance coder is reading this: If you think we could bring our horses together for mutual benefits, then please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm a jolly guy and get along well with anybody. I'm open for any deal that helps me to reach my goal, a long term trip to South East Asia. Thank you.

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