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Some information, please read.

Often location matters. When you are looking for a job (or offer a job) then you will prefer a location close to your residence because no one wants to drive every day hundreds of km to get to the workplace.

You should fill the postal code field in your ad because that way you can get (optionally) job offers resp. job resumes located close to you. Minijob knows the geo data of the most postal codes and can compute distances which makes it possible to limit a search for instance to a 50 km radius. But this technique can only work for you if you filled the postal code field of your ad properly. Without postal code your ad will be ignored in a radius search.

worldwide If the postal code is missing, then your ad will be listed with the worldwide attribute (a small blue globe).

Attention: The above mentioned distance search works for Germany and the USA only, because Minijob has no zip geo data for other countries. Please also note the following problem, namely that not every postal code will work.

  • Problem: Minijob's postal code data base is not complete. For instance many small villages are missing.
  • Solution: Simply use the postal code of a bigger nearby city. You can easily find out if Minijob knows your postal code by using the search function on top of this page.

Some information on USA postal codes: A 5 digit USA postal code ranges from 00000 .. to .. 99999. These are 100.000 unique zip codes. Note that only about 30.000 numbers are actually used for postal codes. So if your postal code really exists in the real world but is not found in Minijob's postal code data base then use the work around as explained above, i.e. use the postal code from a bigger nearby town in your own ad.