ATTENTION: Please use the new 450 Euro calculator!

The following 400 Euro calculator is outdated since 1st of January 2013, because the maximum wage was increased by 50 Euro. This turned the old 400 Euro jobs into the new 450 Euro jobs.

Minijob Costs and Charges Calculator for 400 Euro Jobs

A wallet that symbolizes the Minijob Costs and Charges Calculator for 400 Euro Jobs Haushaltsscheck Calculator for private housholds & employers. Costs and Charges Calculator for commercial 400 Euro employments

You are using the Minijob Costs and Charges Calculator for 400 Euro Jobs at your own risk and there is no warranty for any information provided. If you need a legally binding information regarding your individual job situation then contact an expert, for instance a lawyer. Geringfügige Beschäftigungsverhältnisse, how 400 Euro jobs are officially called in German, are a sophisticated labor law subject with many pitfalls, often accompanied by disadvantages e.g. regarding pension insurance, health insurance and accident insurance. Example: An employer is forced by law to pay monthly health insurance fees for his 400 Euro jobber employee, but the employee is not insured in case of illness.

The sample calculation Minijob provides covers just a simple case, that does not apply to many employed persons. From experience it is known that every employment relationship is individual and that the whole particular situation needs to be taken into account, for instance
  • if the job is just a short-term job (e.g. student works during vacation),
  • if one or more other jobs / side jobs are carried out,
  • if additional payments for pension insurance shall be made,
  • if rehabilitation measures are desired in case of illness,
  • if a Christmas bonus exceeds the monthly wage limit of 400 Euro,
  • and many more ...
The enormous bureaucracy in Germany is also inherent in 400 Euro jobs. Therefore you are well advised to get professional guidance before you enter the minefield of the German labor law and social security law. Any mistakes might have severe negative consequences for the persons concerned. The Minijob Costs and Charges Calculator for 400 Euro Jobs is not a substitute for professional help but offers just a quick first orientation.

Minijob Costs and Charges Calculator for 400 Euro Jobs
1. Monthly wage Euro   (minimum 1,00 Euro, maximum 400,00 Euro)
2. Employer
3. Calculate

Here are the calculation results
Monthly wage Employer
400.00 Euro commercial employer, e.g. a company

Employee information
The employee gets paid a monthly wage of 400.00 Euro. There are no deductions.

Employer information
Besides the wage costs the employer is committed to pay additionally the following forced charges:

Forced charges
  13.00% Health Insurance 13.00% of 400.00 Euro = 52.00 Euro
  15.00% Pension Insurance 15.00% of 400.00 Euro = 60.00 Euro
  2.00% Flat Tax 2.00% of 400.00 Euro = 8.00 Euro
  0.74% Levy 0.74% of 400.00 Euro = 2.96 Euro
Total 30.74% Forced charges 30.74% of 400.00 Euro = 122.96 Euro

This amounts to the following total costs per month:

Total costs per month
Monthly wage 400.00 Euro
Forced charges 122.96 Euro
Total   Total costs per month   522.96 Euro

Please note: The employer needs to take out an additional accident insurance for his employee. This accident insurance is about additional 60.00 Euro per year or about 5.00 Euro per month. The costs of the accident insurance differ from state to state, therefore just a raw estimation of the expenses is provided here.

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